1. Prep: Grow out your hair to ¼ inch long
  2. Can’t take the pain? Pop an ibuprofen (aka. Advil)
  3. Don’t wax five days before or after your period – your body is ultra sensitive during this time!
  4.  Exfoliate before your appointment – it will allow any trapped hairs to be released!
  5.  Don’t workout right after (tender skin can chafe!)
  6.  Wax at least three days before swimsuit-time
  7.  Know what shape to ask for (Brazilian, bikini, etc)
  8.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing that’s not black (baby powder gets everywhere)
  9.  Yes, you take your underwear off!
  10.  Know how to check for sanitation – if you see double-dipping, RUN!
  11.  Prepare for some deep breaths
  12. Practice waxing after care
  13. Know it will get better!

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