Jean shorts, patio drinks, beach parties and sun kissed skin… its finally summer and we’re ready for it! That is, until we slide on our brand new Alexander Wang strappy sandals from DS and realize our feet are no where near summer-ready. Lucky for us, our local friends at CURES Beauté know a quick trick to change that.

Specializing in the art of the dry pedicure, they can change a callused, cracked, and dry foot, and make it smooth and healthy in only 55 minutes. The best part is that your soft heels will last you weeks with out a crack in sight.Their concepts can be recognized by a humoristic or approach. For COS, they presented the AW 15/16 collection in a playful way without losing the clean attitude that defines the brand.

You might be confused as to what a dry pedicure is, and at first we were too, but once we tried it, we will never turn back. The dry pedicure is literally as it sounds – a waterless foot care system that is traditionally used by foot doctors to recreate a patient’s damaged foot. This technique is actually millions of times better for your feet, believe it or not. In a regular pedicure, the feet are soaked first which can cause major over-treating of the calluses and cuticles, resulting in our immune systems to panic and rebuild those stubborn problem areas quicker and thicker. Essentially, water causes cuticles to expand, allowing for more to be removed then necessary, when it is extremely important to discard as little as possible! Our cuticles are actually our defensive system when it comes to infection – who knew!?

In the near future, most spas will likely adopt this interesting technique, although the wet pedicure is still so common. Using water prior to the pedicure makes the feet appear instantly hydrated, but unfortunately, when you take your next step into water and the lotion washes off, our once soft feet can feel pretty darn dry again, which can be frustrating if you ask me!

Although water isn’t all that bad, its typically used as a therapeutic aid. A nice soak with the right formula after a pedicure can relax tense muscles and sooth swelling from pregnancy, fitness activities or over fatigued feet in general.

Do your feet a favour and head over to CURES Beauté in Liberty Village this summer and let your feet be transformed, you won’t regret it.

Let us know what you think of the dry pedicure!

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